Essays About My Weirdness (Asperger's Syndrome) and Fashion Fetish In Clear Plastic
Why I Was Not Welcome In San Francisco's Gay Community
Relations With Socity Through My Life
From the beginning, I was 'different'. I had troulbe related with society. I was unable to interpret social cues, both spoken as well as body language. Many time, especially in my early life (high school or college), my interactions were often spontaneous and awkward.

I just did not fit in. Especially with other students at college. This, coupled with the fact that when I came out to myself as gay, there was no one at college (Worcester Polytechnic Institure in Worcester, Mass) with whom I could have a positive conversation about homosexuality. The two or three other gay people on the campus did not want anything to do with me because of my own awkwardness.

When it came to the technology, there was no problem. I served as the chief engineer of the college radio station, the head service technician at the camput TV station, and the technical director of the Lens And Lights Club. These three jobs, however, were performed mostly when I was alone and not interacting with others.

In classes, I was okay. It was structured.

In social events (unless I am on the tech crew) were a disaster. I often left long before the event was over as I just could not 'connect' with the people. I was the one student who went to the Prom alone.

I also had a preference to wear clear plastic rainwear ever since I was a child. When I talked about this with my own mother, we came to the conclusion that it may have been due to to my delayed getting out of the umblical sack, which is the semi-transparent membrame that surrounded me when I was in the womb.

Having this preference for clear plastic rainwear was why I engaged with the hobby of sewing. I had to make my own as there were very few clear plastic raincoats for men. I had also wanted to make and wear stylish clothing made out of clear plastic to wear at dances with colorful shorts on underneath. Fortunately for me, there was one dance in Boston during with I did wear some clear plastic clothing with shorts on underneath.

Although this was okay at some of these dances in Boston, it was not okay anywhere within the San Francisco gay communites of the 1970's 1980'. I was asked to leave clubs and overall, I was ostrocised from much of the San Francisco Gay Community.

So, here you have an average looking person with both Aspergers and wants to wear clear plastic clothing (but with clothes on underneath) and it was not a good mix with the San Francisco gay community.

I was totally alone in San Francisco until I went to the Metropolitan Community Church (a church with a ministry for gay and lesbian people) and I met Arthur Rosenau.

Here in Bellingham, Washington, there is absolutely no problem with me wearing my clear plastic clothing. Many people know about my desire to wear claer plastic clothing and they have absolutely no issues with it, unlike the San Francisco gay community of the 1970's.

If you want to learn more, you can email me at allyn(at)

However if you are in Bellingham, Washington; I am the slightly goofy 69 year old man (I have aspergers) wearing colorful homemade clothing under clear plastic rainwear in the rain (and sometimes when it's not raining).

You may see me riding my bicycle and singing 'The Man I Love', a tribute I made for Arthur Rosenau. I always use the bicycle or walk as I do not drive.

You may also see me inline skating in Zuenich Park on the waterfront at the Squalicum Boathouse (and sometimes falling and bruising my fingers). At this time, I am a beginning skater but loving it. Zunanich Park is a beautiful setting that overlooks Bellingham Bay and it's a nice quiet place with smooth flat trails for inline skating.

I also volunteer at the Spark Museum here in Bellingham (mostly on Friday afternoons). There, I am still wearing my colorful home made clothing. I give tours, explain how things work, and I help fix old electronic equipment. Lots of fun!

I also spend lots of time hanging around the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship; singing in the choir and often running the sound system and the camera. If we sing Happy Birthday for someone during the Coffee Hour in the social hall, I am the one who does free-form dancing that includes jumping jacks and skipping around the room.

In the summertime, you may see me swimming at the Taylor Street Swimming Dock at the end of the Boardwalk in Boulevard Park on the waterfront.

And finally, you will see me dance just about anywhere. It's mostly estatic or free form dancing. I dance while walking somewhere in town, I sometimes do spontaneous dancing during services at the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship. On Thursday afternoons in the Summer, you will see me dancing at the Elizabeth Park summer outdoor concerts. And a consistant place to see me dance is in the 3rd floor weight room (called the Wellness Center) at the downtown Bellingham YMCA on State Street. I do a two hour workout starting at about 6 AM on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. After the workout, I put music on my bluetooth hearing aids and do free style dancing in the weight room, while walking aimlessly around the machines and the weights. If there is no one in the adjoing gym, I will including jumping jacks and skipping around the room as part of the dancing. All of this in my colorful home made clothing.

Please, if you see me, stop me and say 'Hi'. You are welcome to ask questions!

I Love You All!

allyn (at)