Mark Allyn And Arthur Rosenau in Love
Arthur Rosenau - My Only True Love In My Life

Arthur Rosenau

This is a rendering of my current model of Arthur Rosenau. Arthur is the man on the left and myself as I was in the 1970's is the man on the right.

We are standing at the entrance of the Old City Hall in Bellingham, Washington, which is in the process of being modeled.

All of this modeling is performed with the free and open source Blender modeling and animation tool.

My Process Of Modeling The Old Bellingham
City Hall Where Arthur And I Will Be Frolicking Around

Why I Consider Bellingham My Current Lover
Dancing My Love For Bellingham!

Essays About Private And Intimate Things About
Both Arthur And Myself And Our Relationsship And Love - Click Here

Essays About My Weirdness (Asperger's Syndrome) and desire to wear Clear Plastic Raincoats
Why I Was Not Welcome In San Francisco's Gay Community - Click Here

Mark's Video Memoirs About Himself And Arthur (Told From Bellingham's Parks

I Am Taking Arthur To The Spark Museum in Bellingham

2023 Bellingham Pride Parade!

Dancing With Arthur Rosenau In Bellingham

This is me dancing (non animated) with Arthur Rosenau's spirit in Battersby Field in Bellingham, Washington.

Attempt At Chapter One Of Arthur Rosenau Reunion

More Animated Shorts From An Upcoming Video About Arthur

Animated Shorts From An Upcoming Video About Arthur

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